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Automated Operations. Pharma-Specific ERP Deployment.

With years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, AdaptaLogix has developed proven implementation methodologies that are designed to elevate your company's journey from clinical trials to commercialization and beyond. From automated financial solutions to streamlined inventory and manufacturing management, our cloud-based erp for pharma software helps our clients focus less on operations and more on getting their drugs to market. We deliver reduced-risk and increased ROI through a platform that puts you on…


Our deployment models include:

  • Global financials 
    • Statutory Reporting
    • Intercompany Processing
  • Contract Expense Accrual Management
    • Automation of the Clinical Trial Expense Accrual Process
  • Inventory Management
    • Raw Material/API
    • Lot Control
    • Demand Planning
  • GMP Manufacturing
    • Approved Suppliers/Materials List
    • GxP Manufacturing Process
    • Security Configuration/21 CFR Part 11
  • 3PL Integration to NetSuite
    • Inventory Movements
    • Cash Receipts
  • Forecasting and Planning
    • Revenue Forecasting
    • Inventory Forecasting
    • Gross-to-Net Forecast
  • And More..

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